The Haunted Palace
1.400 synthetic birds


Sponsored by Fundación Altadis, Fundación Canal, Comunidad de Madrid and Fundación Madrid Nuevo Siglo..




This work was presented in Madrid within the Art Public project “Madrid abierto” during ARCO’04. In this case, Diana Larrea proposed to appropriate a mythical image from Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” and reconstruct it as a tangible reality. In order to do this, she invaded the two main facades of the Casa de América (Linares Palace) with a horde of black crows. The symbolism of this image can be found in the universal myth of divine punishment; and those dreaded prophecies that are inexorably fulfilled. That an image from the fantasy world of our nightmares could suddenly take on concrete form conferred on the work a certain sinister quality that is very disturbing.