Let’s fall in LOVE!
Intervención urbana
Letras de tela
240 x 220 cm. each word



Starting from a simple play on words, Larrea produced this sarcastic piece inspired by the popular set of anecdotes from the city of Madrid. The place selected was the viaduct raised above Segovia street, which is known, above all, as the place traditionally chosen by Madrilenian suicides for jumping to their deaths. Under this architectural structure, the artist placed a seductive element that posed a mocking point of view on the taboo theme of willingly taking one’s life. Her real aim was to turn established conventions upside down through a macabre sense of humour, and at the same time, to make reference to that free-falling feeling implicit in falling in love.

Moreover, the image can evoke a series of associations with other artistic works, such as Ives Klein’s photomontage “Le peintre de l’espace se jette dans le vide” (“The painter of space throws himself into the void, 1960) or the utopian architecture “Torre para suicidas” (Tower for Suicides), 1984, by the Spanish artist Valcárcel Medina.