Allegory of Justice
Two photographs
Urban intervention
Cloth and cardboard pieces




This simple ephemeral intervention, located in front of the Ministry of Justice in Madrid, focused on a decorative element of the city as a departure point, granting it a new meaning through the old technique of allegory. As we all know, the artistic resource of the allegory is based on feminine anthropomorphism, that is, it is used to aesthetically materialize abstract ideas in the form of female figures. With this project, Diana tried to merge an historical-artistic practice from the past with a banal object pertaining to our everyday present, thus drawing out the epic aspect of the present. For this purpose, she slightly changed the external appearance of an ordinary street sculpture, accompanying it with symbolic attributes befitting this allegory, which were manufactured with pieces of two-dimensional cardboard with schematic drawings. Through this simple gesture, the artist wanted to demonstrate a species of melancholy about our contemporary world, a place full of empty unskilful representations that need to be redefined.