The Arab Spring
Intervention view. EACC, Espai d’Art Contemporani de Castelló
Artificial vertical garden: synthetic plants and 300 printed flowers.
3,40 x 12 m.


Produced by AC/E Acción Cultural Española.



et within the framework of the national project “1812_2012. A Contemporary View” as a tribute to the Bicentennial of the Constitution of Cadiz, this intervention offered the public a symbolic image of the political-social movement that has flourished and continues rooted in the Arab world. The piece includes a reproduction of the political map of North Africa and the Near East through the flags of the 20 countries in which the Arab democratic revolution is underway, with massive protests and popular uprisings that call for civil rights.

This synthetic vertical garden is connected to one of the cells of “Prótesis institucional” (Institutional Prosthesis) by the artist Santiago Cirugeda that is installed on the outside of the building in an ironic criticism of the political strategies employed to singularize a museum by giving it a spectacular façade. For this same reason, this artificial wall of vegetation, playing on the vertical garden fad, became another factor underscoring the intention of transforming the museum institution into an architectural icon. Nowadays, walls of vegetation constitute yet another promotional gimmick and a distinguishing trait associated with certain star-architects.





































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