Vox populi
Public intervention
5 vinyl paragraphs

Produced in co-authorship with the artist Andrés Senra.



This project consists in a kind of sequel, following the intervention “Plaza Solución”, where once again a decorative municipal element was subverted in order to raise the collective voice of the people and endow it with temporal continuity. Both projects aim to highlight the communicative, critical and constructive capacity language develops in the framework of social coexistence within a community.

In this case, the public intervention was conceived for installation on the floor of the corridors of the San Antón Market, in the Madrilenian neighbourhood Chueca. The texts written in vinyl lettering were taken from speeches made by citizens within the context of the popular assemblies that took place in various Madrilenian neighbourhoods. The paragraphs were designed to resemble those fragments from classical Spanish literature that appear inscribed in the pavement in the Barrio de las Letras (Letters District) in Madrid. By plagiarizing a commemorative mechanism used by the authorities, this project raises the question as to who possesses the right to choose the events that deserve to remain in our common memory.

















—— Calle Huertas, Barrio de las Letras. Madrid.