Over the rainbow
Public intervention
500 metres from satin ribbon


Executed with the help of students of Arts of Universidad Europea.



The title of this work is the same as that of the famous melody Judy Garland’s character sings in the film “The Wizard of Oz” (1939) when, at the beginning of the film in black and white, she imagines and fantasizes about an ideal world. The piece is based on the dreamy feeling of the song’s lyrics, in allusion to the 7 colours of the rainbow and its symbolic meaning. We all know that the multi-coloured rainbow is an emblem of tolerance in the defence of equality and mutual respect among people.

The image of the rainbow after the storm constitutes a promise that better times are to come, and it also represents something like the physical world approaching the metaphysical one. This is why the place chosen to produce this intervention is a bridge, for it embodies the union between two separate worlds.

As an anecdotal detail we can mention that Gay Pride day is June 28th, precisely the anniversary of Judy Garland’s burial. This is the date of the beginning of the activist movement for homosexual liberation, in commemoration of the riots that took place in New York in 1969, when thousands of the actress’ fans, who were returning from her funeral singing the famous song, ended up rebelling against a violent police raid.